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The Competition Appellate Tribunal is a statutory organization established under the provisions of the Competition Act, 2002 to hear and dispose of appeals against any direction issued or decision made or order passed by the Competition Commission of India under sub-sections (2) and (6) of section 26, section 27, section 28, section 31, section 32, section 33, section 38, section 39, section 43, section 43A, section 44, section 45 or section 46 of the Competition Act, 2002.

The Appellate Tribunal shall also adjudicate on claim for compensation that may arise from the findings of the Competition Commission of India or the orders of the Appellate Tribunal in an appeal against any findings of the Competition Commission of India or under section 42A or under sub-section (2) of section 53Q of the Act and pass orders for the recovery of compensation under section 53N of the Act.


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Final Causelist of 23.05.2017   

1. Appeal No. 16/2017,
Saurabh Tripathy
Competition Commission of India, Through its Secretary, M/s Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited,    15.05.2017

1. Contempt Application No. 02/2016 M.A.No.01/2017 RTPE. No.176/1999,
Bansilal Arora Trust and Others
M/s Skipper Towers Pvt.Ltd. & Another    18.05.2017

1. Tentative Causelist of 29.05.2017   

2. Tentative Causelist of 24.05.2017   

3. Tentative Causelist of 23.05.2017   

4. Tentative Causelist of 22.05.2017   

5. Tentative Causelist of 18.05.2017   

6. Tentative Causelist of 17.05.2017   

7. Tentative Causelist of 16.05.2017   

8. Tentative Causelist of 15.05.2017   

9. Tentative Causelist of 11.05.2017   

10. Tentative Causelist of 09.05.2017   

11. Tentative Causelist of 08.05.2017   

12. Tentative Causelist of 04.05.2017   

13. Tentative Causelist of 03.05.2017   

14. Tentative Causelist of 01.05.2017   

1. Notice of Postponment of the date of opening of bids in respect of Pest Control Treatment in this Tribunal   

2. Notice of 09.05.2017   

3. Notice of Notice for postponment of opening of financial bid in r/o outsourcing the service os security guards and security supervisor in COMPAT- regarding.   

4. Notice of Tender Notice for Pest Control Treatment   

5. Notice of 28.03.2017   

6. Notice of 24.03.2017   

7. Notice of Hiring the services of two Law Clerks on contract basis in the Competition Appellate Tribunal   

8. Notice of Tender for Providing of Security Guards and Supervisor   

9. Notice of Tender for providing and fixing of new Office Name Board   

10. Notice of Tender for e-filing   

11. Notice of Tender for developing workstation   

12. Notice of Tender Notice for renovation of toilets   

13. Notice of Tender Notice for providing and fixing of CCTV cameras   

14. Notice of dated 23-01-2017   

15. Notice of dt. 19-01-2017   

16. Notice of dt. 18-01-2017   

17. Notice of dated 05-12-2016   

18. Notice of dt. 08-11-2016   

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NO. 12 OF 2003

[13th January, 2003.]

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